Carlos Bossard

Headshot of DarkMarketEconomist Photographer Carlos Bossard


I am a photographic artist based in Minneapolis who experiments with color, movement, and form. I specialize in creating images that engage viewers by offering a look into an altered reality curated to allow uncertainty and curiosity. Photography allows my craziest thoughts to become art. It creates a space where I can think, cope, and grow. My goal is to become a curator and build my own art museum. Art should be a part of everyone’s life and I intend to showcase artists who are ready to push the boundaries of postmodernism. I do not take photographs, I create images.​

  • Tyler Newman


    I am a 24-year old online reporter based in Minnesota. With Leafly and the Minnesota Daily, I wrote AP-style compliant copy, and produced multimedia pieces covering U.S. politics, markets, lifestyle, and college sports. Data Journalism is a cause I stand firmly behind, furnishing existing visualizations with fresh data and producing some of my own. On the side, I’m a gadget geek, coffee snob, and blockchain technology enthusiast.